Virtual Conferences

Imagine the last professional development conference you attended.


There are dozens of rooms, booths with vendors telling you about their newest product line, and a lot of your peers checking it all out, too.


You likely run into some very influential leaders in your industry, and you expect to see live performances sometime during the event. You’re excited to hear all the lessons and tips they’ve learned from their own experiences and journeys.

Now, imagine a similar experience -- but without having to leave your desk.

You log into a virtual room where you attend a live presentation. The chat function allows you to ask questions, and converse with the other attendees- only instead of being in the same town, they could be attending from the other side of the world.

You still collect the handouts, which can be downloaded directly to your computer, filed where they'll be ultimately accessible. 

As an attendee you're added into an online social media group where you can network with your peers, chat with the influencers in your field, and ask questions.

You still collect virtual goody bags with coupons for their goods and services.

You still get all the amazing professional development, all the education, all the interaction.

Only as a bonus, you never have to miss a session- they can be recorded, archived, and made available for you to enjoy for another 6 months at least.

It’s a simple concept: Get the content you would receive at a conference on your own time, when it’s convenient for you.

And let's not forget, it's far, far more affordable. 

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Team Talk

Add value, increase registrations, and expand your reach by bringing your conference online.

I'll show you how.

Online conferences are perfect for

new ideas

Generate leads, share your stories, collaborate, and learn with those in your industry by starting a new conference.

Whether you're offering certifications, credits, or just fun, the options are endless.

live streaming your current conference

Already have a successful in-person conference, but want to increase registrations, expand your reach, and offer longer-term accesses?

Let's take your conference online.

industry training

Provide accessible training for those who need it in your field. 

Even if they're in the field. 

innovation in your field

If you're ready to take things to the next level, serve your industry better, and generally be a badass, online conferences are for you. Did we mention it's also way more efficient and affordable? Worth it.