Idea Validation

Do you have a brilliant idea for a business—one that you can’t stop talking about to your friends and family? An idea that keeps you up at night, one that you just know will work?

You may be excited about it, but will the people who you think want it agree with you? If it's a bad idea, you could be looking at throwing a lot of money down a long, dark, endless hole. 

There's a reason why business failure rates are so high; the emotions sell you on the idea, and the logic has a hard time keeping up. 

That's why it is essential to VALIDATE YOUR BUSINESS IDEA, before you invest your life savings into it. 

We'll use time-tested approaches to this process, and answer the most important questions that will determine your failure or your success, including: 

  • Does your business idea have merit?

  • Does your idea fit the market you want to serve?

  • Is your idea a good fit for you and the kind of business you want to run?

By the end of the process, you'll not only have your idea validated, but it could be already making you money, or fulfilling your mission. 

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Test your idea before making the huge investment leap. More success, more fun.

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