Strategic Audit

How strong is your organization? What are you missing? Where can you innovate? How can you be more efficient? 

If your organization or business is not performing as planned, it’s not always immediately clear what the root cause might be, let alone what should be done to turn the situation around. 


A strategic audit is the key to understanding the current situation and identifying key areas for improvement.

A comprehensive strategic audit identifies the strengths and weakness of all important aspects of your organization, such as sales & marketing, product mix, target markets, finance, product development, differentiation, competitive position, product pricing, and operations.


As a result of the business audit you’ll be able to


• Make better decisions about where you need to focus to improve performance, both for the short-term and the long-term.

• Create your own strategic plan for moving your organization toward it's goals

• Optimize your business operations and become more effient

We work to identify an use the strengths and assets already existent in your business, while setting goals to fix any weaknesses, take advantage of opportunities, and mitigate the risk of threats. 


An independent perspective and extensive experience in strategic consulting on a broad range of engagements across various industries are key to providing you with an unbiased opinion about the state of your business or organization.

Armed with the results of the business audit and our high-level recommendations you can make informed decisions about what to do. For instance, the Business Assessment can be followed by crafting a Strategic Plan, or a project to develop more competitive Marketing Strategies. 

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The problem you think is the problem is not always the actual problem. An independent audit with an experienced professional is key to discovering the root of your issues, and helping develop a plan to fix it.

I can help you with that.

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