-The Sovereign Mission-

To provide our clients with customized analysis, solutions, and implementation to solve current business problems, mitigate potential risks and develop strategic actions and help improve business processes, decrease expenses and increase revenues. Sovereign specializes in Small Businesses and Non-Profits, with an emphasis on new endeavors and start-ups.

Your Service Providers: 

Elisa Jones, MBA is a mother of 3, off-road triathlete, mountain biker, trail runner, musician, teacher, bibliophile, and blogger who practices yoga and teaches music. Her most recent achievements: taking home the 1st Place Overall Women at the Moab Xterra Traithlon, riding 102 miles around the White Rim of Canyonlands over-night on the solstice, and reaching the summit of Mt. Timpanogos, UT, out and back in under 6 hours. She has served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Grand Valley Trails Alliance, currently serves as Treasurer on the board of the District 51 Foundation, and can frequently be found behind the microphone at local bike races, like the Grand Junction Off-Road, of which you can see a promo video of Elisa here. She has also been a certified Coach for the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA), presenter for the National Association for Music Education, and has more than 20 client projects under her belt.

She boasts a Master of Business Administration in Management and Strategy from Western Governor’s University, Bachelor of Music from Brigham Young University, and an Associate of Science from Utah Valley University.

She brings to the table 14+ years working in retail, 7 years in management, 8 running her own business and 18 as a music educator.

She’s here at Sovereign to put all of her education, skills and creative solutions at your disposal.

What Sovereign Can Do for YOU?


In a nutshell:  find the problems and fix them. No need to hire a new full-time staff member to solve short-term issues, when Sovereign can provide the same services at a fraction of the expense. Because Sovereign is independently-owned flexibility is in your favor and solutions can be fit to any budget.


Contact Information:

Email: elisa@sovereign-consulting.com

Phone: 801.884.3534

Facebook: SovereignBusinessConsulting

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